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Mental Health

Student Assistance Request

Mental Health Heading link

Many college students experience mental health distress or illness while away from family support. The rigors of their studies, navigating autonomous self-care, and life changes may be contributing factors. First symptoms of some genetic mental health disorders also typically appear for the first time in this age group. The University of Illinois at offers students many types of services and resources, from self-help guides to individual treatment. Dean of Students staff members are able to guide students, parents, spouses, faculty and staff to a number of supportive options. Contacting the Dean of Students office offers an opportunity to connect students with necessary services and support. Community and campus resources are listed below.

Self-Harm Heading link

When faced with multiple challenges and distress, engaging in self-harm is not uncommon. We understand that people may self-harm as a way of dealing with difficult feelings or overwhelming situations.

If you have an immediate concern for your or a student’s personal safety, dial 911, or from an on-campus phone contact the UIC PD emergency line, 5-5555.

The non-emergency number for the UIC Police Department is 312-996-2830.