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Student Legal Services (SLS)

Student Legal Services (SLS) is available to assist current UIC students in understanding and solving their legal problems. Funded through student fees, SLS can provide confidential legal advice, counsel and limited representation for currently enrolled students. Staff can advise or represent students in variety of legal areas including, but not limited to: landlord/tenant disputes, simple divorces, misdemeanors, expungements, traffic violations, and small claims consumer disputes. Legal matters that the program is not available to handle are referred to appropriate agencies.


*Misuse of the SLS may result in a violation of the UIC Standards of Conduct.

Need Assistance? Request an Appointment

Upon arrival for an appointment with a SLS attorney, students must bring their current UIC ID Card and a copy of their current registration schedule.  Request an appointment with our office, by emailing, to understand more about how we can help you with the below:

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  • Working with us

    Understand how Student Legal Services assists students and how to prepare for an appointment
  • Housing Law

    Know your rights about rental/land lord agreements

  • Immigration Law

    Find answers on undocumented status, DACA, employment visas, and more, from Immigration Attorneys


  • Family and Divorce Law

    Seek assistance with simple family law matters

  • Employment Agreements

    Work with SLS to fully understand employment contracts before signing

  • Criminal Records Erasure

    Learn how previous criminal records may be eligible for expungement
  • Tips for International Students

    Understand common legal issues for UIC’s International student population
  • Other Services

    Find out about our other services, including help with simple contracts or traffic violations