Our Work, Mission and Values

What We Do

The Office of the Dean of Students:

  • Serves as an advocate to assist students with academic and personal concerns
  • Provides legal services to students
  • Supports and assists student veterans in their transition to university life
  • Assists students in resolving administrative, academic, and personal grievances
  • Ensures that the university standards for student conduct are upheld through the administration of the Student Disciplinary Policy
  • Provides support and assistance for student crime victims
  • Addresses concerning student behavior
  • Offers consultation services for students, faculty, and staff on a variety of issues related to student concerns and student misconduct
  • Supports students in crisis or with family emergencies
  • Assists students who experience financial difficulties
  • Refers students to on-campus and off-campus resources as necessary

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: Our mission is to provide a student-centered, learning environment that offers support, advocacy, and resources which contribute to student success.

Vision: Our vision is to be a campus leader in fostering a caring and supportive environment where all students matter.

Values: The Office of the Dean of Students accomplishes our mission by:

  • Advocacy- Serve as a voice for students to address their needs and facilitate problem solving and conflict resolution.
  • Care- Ensure that we always consider the best interests of our students and offer support and resources to students experiencing difficulties.
  • Integrity- Align our practice with our core values and the ethical principles of our profession and lead by example.
  • Education- Provide co-curricular opportunities that maximize student learning and prepare students to be socially responsible and engaged citizens.
  • Diversity- Promote an environmental of respect, inclusiveness, and civility where all students feel welcomed and appreciated.
  • Service- Anticipate and respond to student needs by providing high quality services which enhance and support student success.
  • Excellence- Offer exceptional quality in the delivery of creative and innovative programs and services to students.