A statement of solidarity and commitment from DOS

Dear UIC Family,

We at the Office of the Dean of Students are heartbroken by the murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. Hearing about the violent loss of black lives in the U.S. remains painfully and unacceptably common. Racism, discrimination and intolerance towards black individuals and communities has been an enduring stain on this country for centuries. This should not be our normal.

At the Office of the Dean of Students, we know Black Lives Matter. We unequivocally condemn systemic violence, injustice and racism. We are dedicated to addressing bias and discrimination in all its forms, and remain steadfast in our commitment to UIC’s values of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice for all. Towards that end, we recently developed a Bias Reporting Tool to allow members of the campus community to report incidents of bias, so that we can respond.

Our colleagues at the Counseling Center compiled a comprehensive list of resources, organizations, and books on mental health and self-care for black individuals and communities, anti-racism, and related topics that may be of interest. Staff at the Counseling Center are on hand to provide support to those who wish to talk.

Remember: We care about you. Take care of yourself, take care of each other and know we are always here to help.

In solidarity,

Office of the Dean of Students

Engaging Anti-Racism Event Series
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Diversity Education is committed to reducing bias and discrimination at UIC and helping our campus be a place where all students can succeed. It accomplishes this through offering students, faculty and staff a place to report instances of bias and discrimination on campus, and coordinates with other campus units to support and educate those involved.

The Diversity Education team takes a proactive approach to bias reduction, and offers trainings and resources to students, faculty and staff on topics such as bystander intervention and unconscious bias.

A Message from the Director

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jess Joslin (pronouns: she/her/hers) and I am the Director of UIC Dialogue Initiative and Diversity Education in the Office of the Dean of Students. I joined the Office in late January 2020 and am still learning all of UIC’s many acronyms. I wanted to introduce myself, tell you a bit about my role and the support that Diversity Education can provide you.

My role has two main parts. First, I work with and support UIC’s Dialogue Initiative, our campus’ intergroup dialogue program. In brief, intergroup dialogue is a social justice education program grounded in facilitated conversations and pedagogical tools designed to foster understanding across differences, and inspire collective action toward a more just and inclusive world. Right now, one of the best ways for students to interact with the Dialogue Initiative is through one of the many dialogue courses offered through the University Library.

I am happy to offer consultations and workshops on how intergroup dialogue techniques and pedagogies could support your organizational or departmental goals. If that is of interest to you please be in touch! Over the next few months, I will share descriptions of various intergroup dialogue tools here that may help spark your thinking about how we can work together.

The second part of my role is focused on reducing, preventing, and responding to incidents of bias on our campus, and collaborating with a range of units from across UIC toward that effort. A key part of this work is developing and managing bias response policies and resources for the UIC community. Over the next few months, students, faculty and staff will have access to a tool to report instances of bias they experience on campus and, if they wish, receive follow up from a member of the bias response team. If you are interested in being involved in the development of such a tool, or being a part of the bias response team, please let me know.

I am looking forward to getting to know you, and please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and let me know how I can help you feel welcome and included at UIC.

Go Flames,

Jess Joslin


April 2020

Report Incidents Bias Reporting Tool


COVID-19 Bias Reporting

Unfortunately COVID-19 has led to a rise in discrimination against Asian and Asian Americans and exposed many of the disparities that exist in our world. To address these concerns, we developed a bias reporting tool for members of our campus community — students, faculty, and staff — to share instances of bias and discrimination that they have experienced in the wake of COVID-19. We also collaborated with the Women’s Leadership and Resource Center, the Office of International Services, and the Asian American Resource and Cultural Center to develop a brief guide for identifying and reducing stigma related to the virus.

Anti-Stigma Resources

Frequently Asked Questions about the Bias Incident Reporting Tool

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