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Purpose & Goals

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At UIC, we believe our diversity is our strength and we are committed to building a campus where all students, faculty and staff can thrive. An important part of that commitment is addressing incidents of bias when they arise. As acknowledged in UIC’s Diversity Strategic Plan, we cannot take meaningful action towards building an inclusive climate without also addressing the biases and prejudices that may be present in our community. This includes providing a space for students, faculty and staff to report incidents of bias and have their concerns heard, and opportunities for education both for those who may have engaged in biased behavior and for the campus community at large. The Bias Reporting and Response processes are an integral part of this effort.


The goals of the Bias Reporting Response process are as follows:

  • Provide an easily accessible and usable system for the campus community to report bias incidents.
  • Support members of the UIC community who have been impacted by bias incidents.
  • Center the concerns and hopes of those who report bias incidents in the response process. Including, if at all possible, letting them play a role in how the bias incident is addressed.
  • Collect data and review trends of bias incidents in order to better understand the complex needs and challenges facing the campus, and guide recommendations to university leadership who can then create appropriate policies, education and programs.

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