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Community Standards Process

How does the Community Standards Process work?

For those seeking a detailed understanding of the available resolution methods and hearing procedures, the Student Disciplinary Policy explains everything you need to know about the process. For a brief overview, please consult the Academic Misconduct  or Personal & Community Integrity infographics.

Student Rights & Responsibilities in the Conduct Process Heading link

Student Rights Student Responsibilities
To receive and participate in a fair and impartial review of the behavior described in the complaint To treat others with respect and dignity. Students who fail to respect the rights of others may be excused from a proceeding and the process will continue in his/her absence
Be provided with and informed about the Student Disciplinary Policy, which is published online and available in hard-copy from the Office of the Dean of Students Review, understand, and comply with all university rules, policies, and procedures as outlined in the Student Disciplinary Policy
Be provided with a notice of the filing of a complaint, a copy of the complaint, notice of the provisions of the Standards of Conduct alleged to have been violated, anopportunity to provide a written response, and an explanation of the procedures for resolution Monitor UIC-issued email address ( to which all correspondence and written notices will be sent
Have an opportunity to review materials relevant to the complaint in a timely manner and receive updates regarding any progress related to the conduct proceedings Review all communications and written notices and seek clarification if there are questions
Have an opportunity to be heard through the appropriate resolution process Cooperate fully in the conduct process and to present truthful information. Any student found to have willfully presented false or misleading information or to have withheldinformation may be subject to further disciplinary action
Be free from compulsory self-incrimination regarding behaviors that may also be the subject of criminal charges, and from a presumption of responsibility as a result of a student’s decision not to self-incriminate Appear at and participate in all proceedings. If a student, having been provided written notice, fails to appear at a hearing or meeting as described in this policy and fails to produce an explanation acceptable to the hearing officers/committee prior to the proceeding, the hearing may occur in thestudent’s absence and sanctions will be imposed based on the information available
Request an appeal based on the grounds described in the Student Disciplinary Policy (Article VIII, Section B) Provide to the Office of the Dean of Students the names of individuals serving as advisors, legal counsel, and witnesses and arrange for their attendance at conduct proceedings as described in the Student Disciplinary Policy
Have the disciplinary records kept confidential consistent with the provisions the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), other applicable state and federal law, and the UIC Student Records Policy (, except as otherwise required by law or legal process Comply with and complete all disciplinary sanctions imposed. The hearing officer/committee charged with monitoring a student’s compliance with any sanction may impose additional sanctions if the student does not successfully complete the sanctions issued through previous conduct proceedings.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these outlined rights and responsibilities, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 312-996-4857 or by email at Thank you for your continued contributions to keeping our community safe.