Student Government

Student Government at UIC

Staff members of the Office of the Dean of Students serve as advisors to student governance organizations, including the Student Member of the Board of Trustees, the Undergraduate Student Government, the Graduate Student Council, and the Health Profession Student Council.

Explore each group to find out ways to get help or to get involved in advocating for your peers on campus.

President Advisor Website
Graduate Student Council Sai-Siva Kare, Linda Deanna, Dean of Students
Health Profession Student Council Kavya Vaitla, Linda Deanna, Dean of Students
Undergraduate Student Government Taylor Holmes, Annette Wright, Associate Dean of Students
Student Member of the Board of Trustee Susan Panek, Linda Deanna, Dean of Students
Student Bar Association (Law Student Government) Masayoshi Haynie, Jennifer Pope, Assistant Dean for Student Life & Leadership

Spring Elections

Learn everything about student government elections here. Depending on the time of year you can complete the intent to run form, learn about the candidates, or vote online.

Documents & Forms

Student Government officers can access governance documents and financial forms critical for conducting the business of student governance here: Giveaway Form, Requests for Funds Form, and Student Government Resource Guide.

Resource Guide