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Student Government Elections

Student Elections 2022 - Declared Winners

Greetings UIC Community,

On behalf of the entire EmpowerUIC team, we are humbled and honored to declare victory
in the 2022 UIC Student Government Elections! We want to take this opportunity to thank
those who voted and made their voice heard as well as ensure that student government
stands with our student body. We would also like to express our congratulations to Trina
Fresco and Sanyam Kharbanda on their campaigns.

From the very beginning, our vision for student government had one foundational priority:
YOU! The core of our mission is to advocate for your issues and concerns to be
acknowledged so that a pathway towards a better UIC can be built for all.

As we transition to the upcoming academic year, we are committed to implementing the
platform you entrusted us to put forward. We are ready to raise the level of advocacy and
action so that student government empowers your voices, your communities, and your

Yours in Service,
Mohammed Haq (Student-Trustee-Elect)
Matthew Almendras (USG President-Elect)
Michael Fernandes (USG Vice-President-Elect)

Official Results Heading link

The EPC ratifies the 2022-2023 Student Election results. The EPC verified that all pending complaints have been resolved. The EPC agreed that the declared winners of this election are the students who have received the most votes.
Student Member Board of Trustee Votes
Mohammed Haq 715 (Declared Winner)
Trina Fresco 705
Undergraduate Student Government - President
Matthew Almendras 1,191 (Declared Winner)
No Vote 98
Undergraduate Student Government - Vice President
Michael Fernandes 674 (Declared Winner)
Sanyam Kharbanda 615
Undergraduate House of Representatives
Diya Sharma 535
Anthony Cruz 393
Mahanoor Murtaza 381
Yasmeen Aladdwan 367
Mansavi Thumu 360
Nora Alsaadi 359
Juana Cordova 331
Kenvi Chaudhari 322
Saba Ali 320
Danyah Thnaibat 319
Tayo Omoniyi 311
Alessandro Beltran 305
Jair Alvarez 303
Melodie Slaughter 302
Undergraduate Members of the UIC Senate
Anthony Cruz 535
Melodie Slaughter 462
My Nguyen 448
Danyah Thnaibat 421
Asa Asad 420
LeeLoo Rose 348
Yaovi Koutoglo 281

Student Elections Place Your Vote!

Image describes info for Meet the Candidates debate.

Registration link:

Red, white, blue with stars and text that list positions available for Student Government.

Voting begins on Wednesday, March 30th at 9am – Thursday, March 31st at 4pm.

Meet the 2022 Candidates!


Meet the candidate:

Matthew Almendras

Hello, my name is Matthew Almendras and I am running with Empower UIC for President of Undergraduate Student Government. Our mental health, affording our education, and staying safe on campus are issues I care about and pledge to advocate for because as a student I know what we go through. With your support, I will foster our community and empower OUR voice!

Vice President

Meet the candidates:

Michael Fernandes

Hello, my name is Michael Fernandes, and I’m running with Empower UIC for Vice President of The Undergraduate Student Government. I am passionate about empowering our student body to ensure every student’s voice at our wonderful university is heard. I love our school, and, with your support, I will work diligently to improve it by advocating for a more affordable, safer, and interactive student experience.

Sanyam Kharbanda

Hey there, My name is Sanyam Kharbanda and I am a sophomore at University of Illinois at Chicago. I am seeking the position for Vice President. One of the main reasons why I am interested in running for Vice president is because I want to infuse AI (artificial intelligence) into the working of USG so we can better understand the problems faced by students of UIC. As a person who is majoring in IDS, I know the immense opportunities that we can harvest by implementing it.

House of Representatives

Meet the candidates:

Juana Cordova

Hello, my name is Juana Cordova. This election cycle, I’m running for USG House of Representatives. There are many issues that UIC students face especially during these troubling two years in the pandemic. In my campaign, I’m focusing on having more representation for transfer students, first-generation students, and Latinx individuals in student government. I’m also interested in safety, UIC sleeping spaces/lounges, and renaming the Richard J. Daley library.

Anthony Cruz

The Supreme Court is the judicial body of Student Government and is empowered to interpret and enforce the Constitution and Statutes of the University of Illinois at Chicago Undergraduate Student Government. The Judicial Branch will be responsible for hearing Elections Code violations and serves as a resource to Student Government for matters related to the Constitution and Bylaws. As the Judicial Branch, the Court may also choose to invoke the power of judicial review. The Supreme Court is presided over by nine Justices and a non-voting Clerk of the Court.

Danyah Thnaibat

I would destigmatize mental health through building upon resources and initiatives for its accessibility. I aim to broaden the connections between women and femme-identifying students with professionals in academia and the workforce to foster leadership opportunities and insights for the student body. I would be diligent in working with UIC’s Sustainability team in ensuring that we garner a safer and more environmentally friendly campus for our students.

Mahanoor Murtaza

My name is Mahanoor Murtaza, and I am aiming to become a member of the USG House of Representatives. An initiative that I am pursuing through USG is providing scholarships for middle-class students. Oftentimes, scholarships do not apply to middle-class students because they require financial aid. I would like to continue working on my initiative to make more scholarships accessible to students based on merit and not only financial need.

Tayo Omoniyi

Hello, my name is Tayo Omoniyi, and I am currently a representative on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of USG. I am a third-year junior, studying biology on the pre-medicine track. My goal as a representative is to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion on UIC’s campus. I would like to continue my work on USG to continue to provide opportunities for students to seek culturally competent mental health resources.

Kenvi Chaudhari

Campus safety is one of the most important topics that hold value to me. The students of the UIC community deserve to be able to attend school and walk around campus with no fear or doubt in their minds. With my intent to maintain my position within USG, I hope to be able to make safety a top priority!

Nora Alsaadi

I am running to be a member of the House of Representatives. I am committed to advocating for underrepresented students and prepared to work with my peers to remove any barriers that hinders their success here at UIC. I would love the opportunity to promote change within the undergraduate community regarding some current issues I am passionate about, including mental health, sustainability and safety on campus, inclusion of all minorities on campus, and freedom of speech.

Yasmeen Aladdwan

As a previous Representative of the Undergraduate Student Government and Deputy Chair of the Student Success Committee during the 2021-2022 school year, I made it my mission to make sure students had the resources they needed to be as successful as they could be. My passions lied in making sure students had access to hygiene products and other basic necessities as I believe to be successful academically, personal needs and wellness must betaken care of first. I’d like to continue to provide these resources to UIC Students in the upcoming year as a prospecting Representative.

Alessandro Beltran

I am for making UIC the best it can be for the students it serves as well as the community which it is located in. I support efforts toward sustainability, student mental health, and overall student wellbeing.

Diya Sharma

As a potential candidate for the House of Representatives for Student Government, I will bring change on our campus by focusing on implementing more academic resources such as peer tutors and study spaces to foster student success. I also hope to bring importance to overall wellbeing, especially mental health on campus and increase advocacy and awareness to address mental health during college. My overall aim as a representative will always be to serve my fellow peers of UIC and address their concerns!

Jair Alvarez

Hello! My name is Jair Alvarez, and I am currently a sophomore majoring in political science and minoring in professional writing. I am running for a House of Representative position. I firmly believe that UIC has several internships and research opportunities at its disposal; however, many are unaware of their existence. I hope to establish a universal platform that contains these opportunities for students to explore.

Saba Ali

My name is Saba Ali and I am a sophomore running for the House of Representatives. Through my experience of leadership, government, and service, I have learned how to best represent the students and their needs. As a member of the Mental Health Coalition and Diversity and Inclusion Committee, I worked to make more resources available to students and to strengthen existing resources. I hope to continue my work in advocating for students and their rights and improving our campus!

Melodie Slaughter

My name is Melodie Slaughter and I seek to represent black and disabled students here at UIC. As a black differently-abled woman some of my experiences have culminated in serious mental health challenges. Allowing me to be a USG representative will allow better and stronger advocacy for black and disabled people here on campus, resulting in the progression of better community and equity here for everyone.

Mansavi Thumu

Hey, I’m Manasvi Thumu, a first year, current biology major, on the pre-med track. I’m excited to
stay as a representative of USG because I have some ideas of my own that I’d like to pursue. I
want to have a place where UIC students can easily know what the extraneous fees outside
tuition that they have to pay for; sustainability fee, student to student fee, etc. Another would be
standardizing course websites for example using blackboard for all course submission rather
than switching to back and forth from gradescope or eduflow for a few submissions. The last one
I thought of would be an orientation for first-year commuter students. I believe that I’ll be a good
representative for USG because I’ve attended UIC for a year now, I like the community here,
and I want to contribute to it. I’m hardworking, very good with deadlines, and I’ve done similar
project work in the past at my high school and in the past year to support students, so I
appreciate your nomination to continue working as a representative within USG.

Trina Fresco

It’s radically important for students to be heard & included in governing decisions, and this is why I want to join the UIC Board of Trustees.  I serve the student body as UIC Student Senator on Executive Committee and Vice President of Graduate Student Council.  Last year, I served as UIC Student Senator, SPH Executive Committee and GSC representative. I’ll bring this experience with humility and respect to the role.

Mohammed Haq

Greetings, my name is Mohammed Haq and I am running with Empower UIC to be your next Student Trustee! My vision is to advocate for the issues that impact us all including campus safety, affordability, and transparency. My leadership at UIC includes being the current Treasurer for the Undergraduate Student Government and an ex-oficio member of the UIC Senate. With your support, I look forward to empowering all UIC students!”

Anthony Cruz

Danyah Thnaibat

My Nguyen

Asa Asad

Yaovi Koutoglo

LeeLoo Rose

Melodie Slaughter

Important Steps for Applicants Heading link

Step 1 Applications are available beginning February 15th and are due by March 1st. Applications are found at Please be sure to follow any and all instructions listed on the application for position in which you are running for.
Step 2 Nominating Signatures and Academic Eligibility forms are collected online. Both of these items can be found at We encourage applicants to share to students who wish to nominate. If you do not see your name on the nominating form, it is because you have not completed the "intent to run" form. Please complete this form and contact the EPC so that your name can be added.
Step 3 Please check your email as the EPC will be sending you updates on how many signatures each applicant has so far. The EPC will send updates by 6pm on the following dates: 2/18, 2/23, 2/25, & 03/01.
Step 4 If you have any questions or concerns as part of the application process, please contact the EPC at
Step 5 It is expected that all applicants and candidates familiarize themselves with the EPC Rules and Regulations. This can be found at

EPC: Elections Rules & Regulations

Student Election Documents Heading link

Here you can find the official student election timeline to stay up to date this election season. Once applications are live, you can also find the link to the Nominating Signatures form as well as the Certificate of Academic Eligibility. Lastly, for students who would like to submit a referendum for the ballot, information can be found here.