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Red, white, blue with stars and text that list positions available for Student Government.

Application will go live Monday, February 7th and will be due on Monday, February 21st.

Important Steps for Applicants

Step 1 Applications are available beginning February 7th and are due by February 21st. Applications are found at go.uic.edu/studentelections. Please be sure to follow any and all instructions listed on the application for position in which you are running for.
Step 2 Nominating Signatures and Academic Eligibility forms are collected online. Both of these items can be found at go.uic.edu/studentelections. We encourage applicants to share go.uic.edu/studentelections to students who wish to nominate. If you do not see your name on the nominating form, it is because you have not completed the "intent to run" form. Please complete this form and contact the EPC so that your name can be added.
Step 3 Please check your email as the EPC will be sending you updates on how many signatures each applicant has so far. The EPC will send updates by 6pm on the following dates: 2/11, 2/16, 2/18, & 2/21.
Step 4 If you have any questions or concerns as part of the application process, please contact the EPC at studentepc@uic.edu
Step 5 It is expected that all applicants and candidates familiarize themselves with the EPC Rules and Regulations. This can be found at go.uic.edu/epc


Update: Applications will go live Monday, February 7th.

EPC: Elections Rules & Regulations

Student Election Documents

Here you can find the official student election timeline to stay up to date this election season. Once applications are live, you can also find the link to the Nominating Signatures form as well as the Certificate of Academic Eligibility. Lastly, for students who would like to submit a referendum for the ballot, information can be found here.