2021 Meet the Candidates

Planning on voting in this year’s UIC Student Elections? Learn more about the candidates who will be on this year’s ballots! Polls will be open March 9th through March 10th 2021. Be on the lookout for information related to this year’s Meet the Candidates event. All information related to Student Elections can be found at go.uic.edu/studentelections.

Student Trustee

Lavleen Randhawa I, Lavleen, seek the position of the Student Trustee of the University of Illinois at Chicago.I Believe in controlling rising fee structure, student’s safety on campus and making campus more secure, raising student’s voices and concerns, connecting UIC’s network to state’s community colleges for debt free 2-3 years of college and scholarships, Let’s work together to not leave anyone behind!


Anshu Nidamanuri Anshu is currently a Junior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Philosophy. Anshu has been apart of Student Government for 3 years, currently holding the position of Treasurer. Will work with administration and faculty to advocate for more resources on campus regarding mental health and counseling, to ensure that students feel safe on campus, and to advocate for free book programs to save money for students. Shared Platform/Goals: Our administration will work hard to advocate for tuition relief, for a greener campus, and to increase UIC student worker's minimum wage.
Bayan Atieh Hammad My name is Bayan Atieh Hammad and I am running for President of the Undergraduate Student Government to serve UIC students to the best of my abilities. As President, I will be working to respond to student’s financial needs who were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, ensure a smooth transition back to campus once permitted, establish academic reforms and transparency with the administration, and expand access to resources on campus.


Arthur Kasowski Arthur is a Junior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Economics. Arthur is he Treasurer for the student organization, National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS). Will work with UIC departments to advocate for more professional workshops and job opportunities & to make the transition of in person learning go smoothly or work to improve online learning. Will work closely with student leaders from other UIC organizations. Shared Platforms/Goals: Our administration will work hard to advocate for tuition relief, for a greener campus, and to increase UIC student workers' minimum wage.
Misty Villagomez As USG Vice-President, I want to promote the inclusion and safety of all students. I will fight so our diverse student body is heard so that they may achieve all their endeavors without any restrictions. I want to work with students who have experienced sexual misconduct, the womxn population, students with mental illnesses, and organizations that continuously encourage positive change to make UIC a more accessible and equitable place.

House of Representatives

Mohammed Haq As a member of the USG House of Representatives, my main goal in office will be to ensure that USG stands by its student body on several key issues such as the transition from the pandemic to normalcy, strengthening the relationship between the student body and the UIC administration, and supporting all the organizations that make UIC a vibrant and inclusive college for all.
Michael Fernandes I am running to retain my position as an USG House of Representative member. Next fall, I hope to continue working closely with my fellow USG members and support all legislation that is beneficial to the UIC student body. Additionally, I want to continueworking on the sexual assault initiative that the Legislative Affairs Committee has been leading and any other legislation that we begin during this spring semester
My Nguyen Hello everyone! My name is My Nguyen. I want to apply for the 2021-2022 Undergraduate Student Governmentas a House Representative. I intendto serve all UIC students, especially on-campus students, as UIC is transitioning back to in-person classes. Some of my initiatives include making more creatives events for students to attend and ensuring that everyone feels safe and secure mentally and physically on-campus. Thank you for reading my messages.
Quinton Crisman As a member of the Undergraduate student government at UIC I hope to bring awareness to the needs of our unique student population to the administration. Given our place as a commuter school with immense diversity, I will work to understand what it is that UIC students need to be as successful as they can be.
Kayla Taylor As a Representative of Undergraduate Student Government, I will put much of my effort and energy towards helping UIC create a more culturally educated and inclusive student body so that students are equipped with the knowledge necessary to combat injustices upon graduation. I will additionally continue my efforts with creating the USG newsletter.
Matt Selvaraj My name is Matt Selvaraj, and I am running for a seat within the USG house of representatives. I am a current HOR member on the treasury committee working to fund various initiatives on campus this school year, and more importantly, I am a proud UIC student looking to make our school a little better every day. USG has provided me with the opportunity to help student organizations such LAUGH @ UIC and the YSDA UIC chapter. Additionally, I have worked to improve the amenities available throughout the UIC library and commuter center, and I plan to continue this work if I am elected for a seat in the HOR. Most importantly, USG allows me a chance to vote on resolutions for the betterment of student equity, mental health, and overall education. With a seat in the HOR, I can provide my continued support towards improving the student condition at UIC.
Sarah Khan Being involved in this community helps us understand students who raise awareness on campus issues. As a Representative, my goal is to hear these issues, discuss ideal solutions to help our campus community, and continue to stay involved in UIC as a whole. Addressing the concerns can be frightening and scary for some, but I hope to spread awareness of what USG can do for students and make sure that their voices are heard!
Amira Anthony
Quinton Crisman
Royce Alister Quadros
Megan Bi
My Nguyen
Michael Fernandes

EPC: Elections Rules & Regulations


Update 2/12/2021

  •  EPC has reviewed concerns from applicants related to the number of signatures required for certain positions and concern for the barriers in place to reaching the number of required signatures. Therefore, the EPC has voted to extend the deadline for nominating signatures to Wednesday, February 17th at 11:59 PM. Please note that all other required applications materials will be due by 5pm today and will not be extended. Once an applicant has reached the number of nominating signatures required, their application will be reviewed and the applicant will be notified of their candidacy beginning 4pm on Monday, February 15th.

Update 2/5/2021

  • The EPC voted to reduce the number of nominating signatures required for a completed application for those applying for a position in the House of Representative of the Undergraduate Student Government. This decision was made after considering the differing responsibilities and duties required of the House of Representatives than of the President or Vice-President positions within USG. Beginning 2021 Spring Elections and moving forward, those applying for House of Representatives will be required to submit 75 nominating signatures.

Student Election Documents

Here you can find the official student election timeline to stay up to date this election season. Once applications are live, you can also find the link to the Nominating Signatures form as well as the Certificate of Academic Eligibility. Lastly, for students who would like to submit a referendum for the ballot, information can be found here.

Important Steps for Applicants

Step 1 Applications are available beginning February 1st and are due by February 12th. Applications are found at go.uic.edu/studentelections. Please be sure to follow any and all instructions listed on the application for position in which you are running for.
Step 2 Nominating Signatures and Academic Eligibility forms are collected online. Both of these items can be found at go.uic.edu/studentelections. We encourage applicants to share go.uic.edu/studentelections to students who wish to nominate. If you do not see your name on the nominating form, it is because you have not completed the "intent to run" form. Please complete this form and contact the EPC so that your name can be added.
Step 4 Please check your email as the EPC will be sending you updates on how many signatures each applicant has so far. The EPC will send updates by 6pm on the following dates: 2/5, 2/9, 2/11, & 2/12.
Step 3 If you have any questions or concerns as part of the application process, please contact the EPC at studentepc@uic.edu
Step 4 It is expected that all applicants and candidates familiarize themselves with the EPC Rules and Regulations. This can be found at go.uic.edu/epc