Student Election Results


The Student Elections will once again be online. This enables you to vote while at school, work or home. Computers are available for your convenience throughout the campus, in the library, cafeteria, hallways, etc. We are bringing the “polls” to you, making the ballot more accessible so that you can take part in the election process in greater numbers than ever before.

When to Vote: 

Voting begins 9:00 am Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 and ends at 4:00 pm Wednesday, April 10th, 2019.

How to Vote: 
In order to vote, you must go online to uicvote.uic.edu. Log in using your UIC netid and password.

Positions on the ballot:

You will have the opportunity to vote, via the web, for the following:

  • UIC Student Member of the Board of Trustee- Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional Students
  • Undergraduate Student Government-President, Vice President and General Assembly Members (Undergraduate Students only)
  • Undergraduate Student Senator (Undergraduate Students only)

Please note, to be eligible to seek office, all declaration forms must be submitted by 4:00 pm on Friday, March 1st, 2019.

Meet your official candidates for the 2019-2020 Student Elections


Student Member of the Board of Trustee Candidates

Susan Panek

“It would be an honor and privilege to serve as the Student Member of the Board of Trustees, a role within which, I aim to educate, empower, make aware and provide all UIC students with the necessary resources. Serving on the e-board and committees of various organizations, has provided me with a thorough understanding of the student’s perspectives, which will allow me to successfully represent the UIC Student Body.”

David Shipyor

“My platform is simple and clear, to faithfully represent the students of the University of Illinois at Chicago on the Universities of Illinois Board of Trustees. Also, to work with the Student Government Association to help achieve their goals and initiatives in any capacity as allowed by the office of Student Trustee. I also pledge, to all students, to advocate for our interests continuously and to work tirelessly throughout my term.”


President of the Undergraduate Student Government Candidates

Aliemah Bradley

“As President, I will:

  • Help implement creative solutions for mental health services
  • Advocate for Gender- Neutral Restrooms
  • Increase access to free feminine hygiene products
  • Hold our campus community accountable for Title IX reporting
  • Advocate for the expansion of study spaces on campus
  • Support the United Faculty Union in future negotiation advocacy
  • Advocate for better recruitment and retention of Black students
  • Advocate for a student written newspaper”

John Donners

“As Undergraduate Student Government President my mission will be to provide students with the experiences that they greatly desire from a university that many feel they are not yet receiving. I will cultivate a more encompassing and involved campus culture at UIC. My vision is to give all student organizations a voice and an opportunity to be included.”

Luke Suheil Haddad

“I am seeking the president position. Ever since I was a child I always wanted the best if I put my mind to something I did it. I’ve been involved on UIC before my first fall semester as a lifeguard at the rec and a student in TRIO. My first semester ended with a 4.0 GPA my point is I know I’m young, but I’m eager to take on this responsibility. My only wish is to leave this campus better than I found it. As everyone knows the ten-year plan is going to involve very big renovations for UIC. My campaign is going to be called momentum because I want to take the momentum of the ten year plan and use all of the change to improve specific student problems. I’ve met with the current president every day for hours in an attempt to shadow his position I feel I have very good knowledge on the campus and can make a change. My position on the campus issues will be to use the momentum of all this change to make the campus a friendlier, more affordable, and efficient environment.”

Omar Nabulsi

“Omar Nabulsi is currently a junior majoring in economics with a double minor in biology and chemistry. As president, he hopes to improve the quality of UIC’s campus by making it more commuter friendly, achieving equal and fair funding for clubs, and improved study environments. These goals can be achieved without any significant funding from the university, making them easily attainable. For example, the commuter experience can be improved by adding extra lockers around campus and the study environment can be enhanced with better wifi and the addition of more outlets and study spaces.”

Timothy Oommen

“My name is Timothy Oommen, for the position of President of the USG. Policies I would like to address:

Food: Including options for vegetarians and students who eat Halal foods. Student Involvement: Bridging the gap between activities and student (a stronger sense of community) UIC Nightride and Shuttle: Improve frequency of the shuttle. Dorms: Overall improvement of living conditions. Commuter Resource Center: Improving the student experience. Least but not the least, a McDonalds.”

Vice-President of the Undergraduate Student Government Candidates

Steve Choi

“I am striving to be the Vice President and the House of Representative of Undergraduate Student Government in UIC. I am currently the Deputy Treasurer in USG and I firmly believe that the process of funding student organization has numerous flaws. I would like to step up and update the process as efficient as possible. The other topic that I would like to touch is communication. USG is the median between the student body and the administration. I would like to establish a system which brings the student body and the administration a step closer.”

Nader Hamdan

“As Vice President of the Undergraduate Student Government, my goal is to provide the Student Body an ideal place to study. After commuting to UIC every year for three years, I’ve learned from my own experiences that it is essential to have more lockers for commuters, more accessible internet, and more equal funding for the clubs and activities that happen throughout UIC’s daily life.”

Klevi Hazizi

“Part of my role as Vice President of USG is to connect different organizations and departments on campus. I want to develop a network between students, organizations and department to help facilitate connections between students and the resources they need and want. Overall my mission is to provide students with the resources that they not only need and desire but deserve to receive from their university.”


Taylor M. Holmes

“As Vice President, I will:

  • Present creative expansion solutions for mental health services
  • Advocate for Gender-Neutral Restrooms
  • Increase access to free feminine hygiene products
  • Create a Student Bill of Rights
  • Hold leadership accountable in Title IX reporting
  • Create a student newspaper
  • Support UF and GEO in future negotiation advocacy
  • Create a holistic student retention program by collaboration with health & academic entities
  • Initiate student liaisons to USG from organizations on campus”

Arsala Khan

“Living 2 semesters at Courtyard and spending a lot of time in library benefited me in socializing as much possible in the college. Spending most of the time on campus makes me believe that I know how certain things are needed to make the life at UIC more exciting. After becoming the Vice President my object would be to get students interact and to have their life’s 4 best years here at UIC.”

Kyla Rose Sybico Schulman

“I am running for VP and House of Representatives for USG. My priority is to increase student involvement on campus issues. By reaching out to students I’ve listened to their concerns: better campus maintenance, a high standard education at an affordable price, providing a safe and healthy campus, meeting commuter needs, promoting inclusiveness and diversity. I believe a problem told is a problem to be solved, so we should get involved.”