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Personal Integrity

Personal integrity is a commitment to living in alignment with your values. It often includes values and behaviors that emphasize respect, integrity, civility, compassion, empathy, and concern for the individual. The community values of the University of Illinois at Chicago are reflected through our Student Disciplinary Policy, the explicit contract governing behavior that UIC holds with each student. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with its content, so you may more easily align your own values and behaviors with UIC’s community standards.

This page contains information for UIC students who are alleged to have violated any part of the Student Disciplinary Policy or any UIC policy applicable to students.

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  • If you are involved in a situation in which UIC faculty/staff or the UIC Police Department (UICPD) ask for your ID and/or other information, you should comply with their request. Failure to comply with the request is considered a violation of the Student Disciplinary Policy.
  • Your name and information on an incident report simply means that you were allegedly at an incident, which is being documented. It does not mean that you violated any part of the Student Disciplinary Policy, or any UIC policy.
  • If you receive a Notice of Alleged Violation(s), it is important to remember that just because you are alleged to have violated any part of the Student Disciplinary Policy, or any UIC policy, it does not mean that you are responsible for that violation. You will have an opportunity to explain your perspective of the incident either in a one-on-one meeting with a Hearing Officer or in a Hearing meeting with members of the Community Standards Committee. For recommendations on how to prepare, check out the Preparing for Your Hearing page.
  • Remember to read all correspondence carefully. Often this correspondence contains appointment information (date, time and location) for your community standards proceeding. If you do not attend this appointment and are not approved to reschedule, the Community Standards Process can and will continue without you.

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An advisor is person who provides advice and/or support to a complainant or respondent in the Community Standards Process. An advisor may be a family member, friend, faculty or staff member, advocate, or an attorney. An advisor advises the complainant or respondent only and shall not be permitted to directly participate in any Administrative Hearing or Hearing.

Respondents or complainants who wish to have an attorney as their advisor must notify the Office of the Dean of Students of their intent to have the attorney present and shall provide the attorney’s name and contact information at least five (5) days prior to the Administrative Hearing or Hearing through our Advisor Notification Form. In those circumstances, the University may have an attorney from the Office of University Counsel present.

An advisor may not appear in lieu of a respondent or complainant. Furthermore, an advisor may not serve as a witness.

Submit a Respondent Response Heading link

If you would like to submit your perspective about an incident that you were allegedly involved in, please submit through our Respondent Response form.