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The Student Response Team

Student Assistance Request

The Student Response Team was established in Fall2004 with a two-fold purpose:

1) To develop and recommend University policies for students and to ensure that those policies are incompliance with local, state, and federal laws;

2) To discuss current trends/issues in higher education which affect student life and develop strategies to address student issues and concerns.

Composition of the Team

The team is comprised of the followingmembers and chaired by the Dean of Students.The membership includes:

  • Dean of Students
  • Associate Dean of Students
  • Assistant Dean of Students, Community Standards
  • Associate Director, Community Standards
  • Director, Counseling Center
  • Director, InternationalServices
  • Title IX Coordinator
  • Clery Act Compliance Coordinator
  • Director, Campus Housing
  • Associate Vice Chancellor/Student Engagement
  • Director, Wellness Center
  • Executive Director, Center for Student Involvement
  • Assistant Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services
  • Director, Womens’ Leadership and Resource Center
  • Chief, UIC Police
  • Senior Executive Director, Public Affairs
  • Associate University Counsel
  • Representatives from Undergraduate Affairs, the Graduate College, and the Health Science colleges