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Emergencies and Absences

Student Absence Emergency Notification Heading link

Class Absence Notification

Students are advised to review the course syllabus for the course policy regarding class absences. Any decision to adjust the course requirements or excuse a student from class is at the faculty member’s discretion. The Dean of Students office’s absence notification process is intended to raise a level of awareness regarding a student’s absence due to an unexpected emergency. It is not intended to dictate a faculty member’s decision regarding the absence and/or missed coursework. The Dean of Students Office does not have the authority to excuse students for absences. Only instructors have the authority to excuse students from class(es) or coursework. Students are not required to report absences to the Dean of Students Office. The Student Emergency Absence Notification to faculty does not guarantee an extension of due dates, rescheduling of exams or labs, or excused absences.

Submitting a Student Emergency Absence Notification Request Heading link

  • Submit the online form found at
  • Provide documentation (Please see below for more details on required documentation)
  • For absences less than two consecutive days: This process is not intended to address short-term absences. These absences should be addressed directly with the instructor per their attendance policy.
  • For absences 3 – 7 days: Please submit a Student Emergency Absence Notification request form along with supporting documentation.

Documentation Heading link

For our office to send notification to faculty, students must submit supporting documentation along with the Student Emergency Absence Notification Form. Documentation is required.  Requests will not be processed without appropriate documents.  Please note that documentation must include the specific dates of absence from campus.

The student absence notification form may be submitted for the following reasons:

  • A student was hospitalized for a period of time, causing them to miss classes
  • A student needs to attend a memorial service for an immediate family member that has passed away
  • A student was a victim of a crime

The Student Absence Notification Form should NOT be submitted for the following reasons:

  • Absences lasting two consecutive days or less
  • Absences lasting more than 7 consecutive days
  • Absences related to follow up care required after a surgery
  • Absences related to COVID-19 or other communicable diseases
  • Travel issues or weather-related delays
  • Doctor or Dentist Appointments
  • Technology Issues
  • Absences related to non-emergency illness (i.e., sick/cold; flu; allergies; nausea; staph infection; strep throat; mono; headaches; sprains or falls; and family member acute illness)

Expectations Heading link

Please see below for additional information based on your role in the Student Emergency Absence Notification process.

Students should speak to their faculty regarding their absence first. When possible, your instructors should be notified of your absence, prior to missing class. It is your responsibility to connect with your faculty about any coursework you missed during your absence and coordinate a plan moving forward. Students should connect back with our office when they return to campus from their absence to discuss resources that might be available to support their connection back to campus.

Students are not required to report absences to the Dean of Students office. Absences should be addressed directly by instructors, per their attendance policy in the course syllabus, especially when the absence is less than two consecutive days. It is the instructor’s decision to determine whether any extensions/make-ups/incompletes are given. Any absences due to COVID-19 concerns or other communicable diseases, please refer to your Department/College’s policies.

DOS will review notification requests and will inform students if further documentation or clarification is needed to approve their request. DOS will notify faculty and representatives from the student’s academic college if the notification request meets eligibility requirements. DOS does not verify the authenticity of documentation.

If your student is unable to speak to their faculty and/or complete the Student Absence Notification Form on their own due to being incapacitated, please feel free to complete the form on their behalf.

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