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U and I Care: Dealing with Stress

Stress comes in many shapes and sizes.  Often, it can feel like a good motivation for being productive and getting things done—but sometimes it can also become overwhelming.  The stress of school, family, friendships, and work can feel anything but motivating when it becomes too much.  To understand ourselves, and how we work best we need to understand our own stress responses.  Our coping mechanisms for stressful situations can help or hinder us in dealing with that stress, and overcoming it in a way that affects one’s overall well-being.  These are often physical responses such as losing sleep, not eating enough, or mental responses such as feeling panicked or anxious.  We live in a stressful time, with many things to balance and keep track of.  Learning how to cope with one’s stress and support others in a healthy way is important for growing a sustainable community.  The UIC Counseling Center has a multitude of resources for coping with personal, academic, and other stressors.