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U and I Care: Balancing School and Life

Learning how to balance the demands of school and life’s other commitments can be an ongoing process for every student.  When every student has different needs and circumstances individually, it can feel overwhelming to advocate for yourself and get exactly what you need to succeed in college.   It can be hard to voice your needs, but communicating expectations, planning ahead, and leaning on your support system are all valuable experiences and skills that you develop while learning this balancing act. The UIC Academic Center for Excellence provides opportunities to meet with Academic Specialists in order to improve time management, balance stressors, and resources to accomplish your academic goals in college. Although you may be under stress, it is okay to prioritize your well-being as you juggle all of your responsibilities in college, and find an individual system that works best for you.  The UIC Wellness Center can provide additional self-care resources to help you in this quest for balance of life and study