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Sexual Misconduct

As a faculty member or staff member your relationships with students puts you in a unique position to offer help and support. Survivors of sexual and relationship violence will often share their experience with another person. It is important for you to be there to listen, believe and support the student in a positive way which can greatly influence her/his healing process. The most important and complete resource for you and the student is the UIC Student Sexual Misconduct website. You can also consult with a staff member of the Office of the Dean of Students at (312) 996-4857 or the Office of Access and Equity (312) 996-8670 at any time to discuss options and resources on how best to assist a student who may be experiencing sexual misconduct.

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Homelessness and Food Insecurity

Students facing homelessness and/or food insecurity will often wait to share their experiences until they have no other option or can no longer continue doing what they have been doing to address their situation. It is important that you or the student contact the Office of the Dean of Students at (312) 996-4857 as soon as possible. If you learn of the situation and it is after business hours, UIC Police or Campus Housing may be contacted for immediate assistance.

Below are resources that address homelessness and food insecurity directly along with other helpful information.

The Office of the Dean of Students
3030 Student Services Building
(312) 996-4857

List of Chicago Homeless Shelters List of Chicago-based Food Pantries

Gender and Sexuality Center
181 Behavioral Sciences Building
(312) 413-8619
Shelters serving LGBTQ community: HERE

UIC Police Department
(312) 996-2830

Campus Housing
(312) 355-3000

UIC Student Pop-Up Food Pantry @ the Wellness Center
*Food, toiletries, clothing, and other assistance!
238 Student Center East
(312) 413-2120

Counseling Center
2010 Student Services Building
(312) 996-3490
In-Touch Hotline: (312) 996-5535

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If you learn of a student who has been or will be hospitalized, the Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) should be contacted at (312) 996-4857 for assistance. Some examples of assistance provided by DOS include but are not limited to: faculty notifications, liaison between family and campus officials, and assistance with administrative procedures if necessary (class withdrawal process, leave of absence, etc.).

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Assisting a Distressed Student

Students will often look to faculty and staff to lend a helping hand or be good listeners. Your initial response should be one of interest and concern. This may play an extremely important role in helping a struggling student find the appropriate assistance. Any situation where the safety of the student or others is in question should be referred to UIC Police by calling (312) 355-5555. You may also contact the Counseling Center or the Office of the Dean of Students at (312) 996-4857 to consult with a licensed counselor or a dean on staff.

Below is some helpful information to aid you in identifying a student in distress and developing a helpful response with the goal of getting him or her to the appropriate resources.

    What are some signs a student may be in distress?

    A student in distress may be reluctant or unable to acknowledge a need for personal help. The student may exhibit certain behaviors such as:

    • Notable changes in academic performance
    • Sudden attendance problems inconsistent with their prior history
    • Withdrawal and/or avoidance from participation, increased anxiety around exams or deadlines, difficulty working in teams
    • Changes in emotional states, e.g., sadness, crying, lethargy, irritability, rapid speech, preoccupied, increased and more intense disagreement with peers and instructor, sense of confusion
    • Changes in physical well-being, swollen eyes from crying, increased sicknesses, poor self-hygiene, rapid weight loss/gain, sleeping in class
    • Repeated requests for special consideration, e.g., deadline extensions, changes in requirements, grade changes
    • Behaviors which may interfere with effective management of the learning environment, e.g., outbursts of anger, domination of discussion, derailing the focus of discourse
    • Communication in either oral or written formats that may suggest a threat to one’s self or others

    How should I respond to a student that is troubled and showing signs of distress?

    For students who do not appear to be seriously troubled:

    • Talk with your supervisor to develop a response and consult with the Counseling Center at (312) 996-3490 and/or the Office of the Dean of Students at (312) 996-4857 for assistance
    • Address the situation directly with the student, let him or her know your concerns
    • Avoid offering confidentiality to the student should the student wish to talk
    • Deal directly with the behavior according to classroom protocol; provide corrective feedback and offer to help
    • Encourage the student to use campus and community helping resources; offer to walk the student to assistance or call and make an appointment (Counseling Center (312) 996-3490 or the Office of the Dean of Students at (312) 996-4857)
    • Follow up with the student and update your supervisor

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Recognizing and Responding to a Disruptive Student

Disruptive behavior can assume many forms. It may be:

  • The student in your class who persistently arrives late or leaves early;
  • The student who arrives to your office without an appointment and refuses to wait their turn or follow office procedures;
  • The student who talks incessantly while you are delivering a lecture;
  • The student who loudly and frequently interrupts the flow of class or office operations with questions or interjections; or
  • The student who becomes belligerent when you confront his or her inappropriate behavior in class or in your office.

It is important to differentiate disruptive behavior (that which directly interferes with the ability of an instructor to teach or the ability of other students to benefit from the classroom experience or your ability to conduct business in an office) from behavior that is merely rude or uncivil. While the latter may become disruptive when it is repetitive or persistent, it usually is best addressed by talking to the student, giving the student a specific example, and discussing appropriate ways to communicate.

Disruptive student behavior is a detriment to the academic community -- both faculty and students -- because it interferes with the learning process for other students, inhibits the ability of instructors to teach most effectively, diverts university energy and resources away from the educational mission, and indicates a significant level of personal problems or distress on the part of the disruptive student.

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Consultation Concerning Disruptive Behavior

The Office of the Dean of Students provides consultation concerning preventing and addressing disruptive and inappropriate behavior. Instructors may contact the office (312) 996-4857 with any questions or requests concerning student behavioral issues. There are several informal and formal strategies that can be considered and discussed to determine the appropriate course of action to remedy the situation. It is possible that the matter can be resolved administratively without further direct involvement in the process by the instructor.

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Student Death Notification

The Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) is responsible for the campus student death notification process. DOS works closely with the deceased student’s family to provide assistance and serve as the primary campus contact. If you become aware of a student death, please contact DOS immediately at (312) 996-4857.

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Missing Students

Concerns regarding a missing student should be informally investigated and details of the report documented and verified whenever possible before reporting the matter to the UIC Police department. For assistance with an informal investigation, contact the Office of the Dean of Students at (312)996-4857. UIC Police should be contacted at (312) 996-2830 after an informal investigation has been conducted or at any point the matter warrants a formal investigation.

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