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Banking Services

Check Cashing

Check cashing is provided by Credit Union 1 for all students, faculty, and staff. The service charge is $0.25. A $25.00 fee will be charged for all checks returned unpaid. Permanent suspension of check cashing privileges will also be imposed.


In addition to the automated teller machines (ATMs) provided by Credit Union 1 and PNC Bank in the locations listed below, ATMs from other financial institutions are also available in the concourse of SCE, the lobby of UH, the second floor desk area of SRC, the first floor of SRH, the lobby of MAB, the lobby of the University Hospital, and the west atrium of SSB.

Traveler’s Checks and Money Orders

Traveler’s checks may be purchased with cash only at the Cashier’s office, 1900 SSB, and at the Credit Union 1 locations. Credit Union 1 also offers money orders.

Credit Union 1

Complete banking services are offered by Credit Union 1, which has three convenient locations on campus – B5 UH, 7 AOB (3012-996-7065), and the second floor of SCE (312-355-0590). Credit Union 1 members can get free checking accounts and saving accounts with a minimum balance of $5, ATM/Debit cards, money orders, and traveler’s checks. Computer loans, student loans, and car loans are also available. ATM locations: BSB, SES, SCE, UIC Hospital lobby, and MBRB.

PNC Bank

PNC Bank is the student banking partner of UIC. PNC Bank has a branch location at UIC in the Student Center East (Second Floor). PNC Bank offers full banking services along with a checking account geared towards students called Virtual Wallet Student. Students with a PNC Bank account can link the account to their i-card for use as an ATM and PIN-based debit card. PNC has ATM locations at the branch, as well as Student Center West, Student Center East (First Floor), Behavioral Sciences Building, and James Stukel Towers.

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Campus Conveniences

UIC Barbershop
Bollybrow – The Campus Beauty Bar
UIC Bookstore
UIC Convenience Stores
Dining Services
Micro/Station Computer Stores
University Mail Service
Postal Services

Postage Stamps

You can purchase postage stamps on the second floor of SCE from a vending machine. Books of first-class stamps are sold at the Cashier’s office, 1900 SSB, and at the SCE Information Desk.

Campus Mail

Mail placed in a campus mailbox for delivery on campus does not require postage. The address on campus mail should include the addressee’s name, the office name, and the mail code.

Mail sent to students living on campus from off campus should be addressed to the appropriate street address and zip code.

Express Mail

Depositories for overnight express mail are located in the lobby of UH and in the PHARM lobby along the south wall as well as SSB. The only requirements for express mail are the use of the express label and proper postage. Each depository is supplied with the proper labels, as well as envelopes and small boxes.

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