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Care Facts

U and I Care Facts is an initiative from the Office of the Dean of Students that is focused on providing you with weekly information on many topics including, exercise, healthy eating, self-compassion, stress and resilience, social connection, time management and more. Care Facts will be updated weekly and will contain tips and resources you can access to promote your success at UIC!

Spring 2023 Care Facts (February) Heading link

Check out all the upcoming Care Facts for this semester! Will be updated monthly.

Reproductive Rights Heading link

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Access to safe, high-quality reproductive health care is a basic necessity for all individuals. Despite the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade, abortion care remains legal in the state of Illinois. UI Health, a part of the UIC system, is dedicated to supporting individuals in having their needs met. Rather this is through family planning, access to contraception, and more importantly specialized care in providing miscarriage and abortion care, UI Health is there to support you in whatever journey you are on.

Love is Respect: How to Navigate Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships Heading link

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Love can be confusing. Especially when the ones we love grow toxic or unhealthy behaviors. It is normal to be embarrassed to reach out for support in navigating unhealthy relationships, but you do not have to navigate this alone. Not all relationships are healthy, but everyone deserves one that is. How do you know if your relationship is healthy or unhealthy? It can be difficult to identify characteristics of unhealthy relationships, but organizations like Love is Respect are here to help you navigate relationships. UIC offers support in navigating relationships as well. The Campus Advocacy Network (CAN), provides education, training and advocacy for students, staff, and faculty who need assistance or information on issues related to gender-based violence (such as sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, harassment, and stalking) or feeling unsafe. 

What are office hours and how can they help support students? Heading link

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Office hours are made available to students by instructors and teaching assistants. This is a time when the professor or TA is available to answer any questions you may have from class or even assist with problem-solving things like group projects or homework assignments. This is often an underutilized benefit of being a college student. It is recommended that students check the syllabus for the time and location of their professor or TA office hours and go there anytime they have questions related to work, needing support, or even questions about their careers or academics in general.

Effectiveness of hand sanitizer Heading link

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Hand sanitizer is a great way to prevent the spread of illness. According to the CDC, an alcohol-based sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol is ideal when using it to sanitize hands. While using sanitizer is better than nothing, the CDC remedies that we use soap and water. If you are on campus you will notice that all bathrooms have a towel dispenser. This is so that you can use the towel to dry your hands thoroughly and use the towel to open the door with the handle to avoid reintroducing germs to your hands immediately after washing.

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