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What is an Ombudsperson?

An Ombudsperson is an advocate for fairness, who investigates student complaints, reports the findings, and helps to achieve equitable settlements. This person analyzes both sides of the situation impartially to ensure that students receive fair treatment from all offices within the university. The Ombudsperson may serve as a counselor, go-between, mediator, informal fact finder, or upward administration feedback mechanism.

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How can an Ombudsperson help me?

The Ombudsperson will...

  • Listen to and provide feedback on questions, complaints and concerns
  • Assist students to resolve problems on their own
  • Provide appropriate referrals and clarification on university policies and procedures
  • Mediate discussions between individuals or groups so that an acceptable compromise for all parties involved can be attained
  • Negotiate a solution or facilitate communication between yourself, faculty, and/or staff
  • Recommend changes to policies and procedures when patterns become evident
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When should I request assistance from the Ombudsperson?

You should always attempt to speak directly with the person(s) involved with your concern. If you feel that a fair resolution was not reached, research other options available to you within the office or department. If a fair and equitable resolution is not reached after you have exhausted all of your options, you have the right to request the assistance of the Ombudsperson.

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What kinds of issues does the Ombudsperson assist with?

The following are some of the most prevalent issues that the Ombudsperson addresses:

  • Academic Grievances
  • Advising
  • Grade Disputes
  • Student / Faculty Conflicts
  • Student Financial Aid
  • Tuition Bills
  • Records and Registration
  • Housing
  • Student Disability Issues
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Will my information be kept private?
  • The Ombudsperson will not disclose any information about your case without prior consent.
  • In certain situations where the well-being or safety of any person is in question, the Ombudsperson will have an obligation to inform authorities.
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How do I request assistance from the Ombudsperson?

Before consulting the Ombudsperson, you should be prepared to provide all relevant documentation supporting your case. If you need general information or would like to make an appointment, call or visit the Dean of Students at (312) 996-4857, 3030 SSB. You can also use an online form by clicking on the following: Ombuds Complaint Form.

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