Election Planning Committee

Election Planning Committee

The EPC is an independent body of graduate, professional and undergraduate students. The members of the EPC are selected through an application and interview process, coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students. The EPC establishes and implements election rules and regulations, as well as oversees the election of the student members of the Board of Trustee, the Undergraduate Student Government and Undergraduate Members of the UIC Senate. EPC believes in and supports the philosophy that open, fair, and well-organized elections play an essential part in strengthening our community and student governance at UIC. Each year, EPC is responsible for ensuring a fair election by adjudicating all campaign-related matters, including alleged campaign violations and clarifications to the Rules and Regulations, and ratifying the election results.

EPC Handbook Student Election Rules & Regulations

EPC will conduct the following elections:

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We are not currently accepting applications to join the Election Planning Committee at this time. If you are interested in in applying to be a member of the EPC for next year’s student election season, please check back next year or contact us at studentepec@uic.edu.