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Disruptive behavior can assume many forms. It may be:
  • The student in your class who persistently arrives late or leaves early;
  • The students who talk incessantly while you are delivering a lecture;
  • The student who loudly and frequently interrupts the flow of class with questions or interjections; or
  • The student who becomes belligerent when you confront his or her inappropriate behavior in class.
It is important to differentiate disruptive classroom behavior (that which directly interferes with the ability of an instructor to teach or the ability of other students to benefit from the classroom experience) from behavior that is merely rude or uncivil. While the latter may become disruptive when it is repetitive or persistent, it usually is best addressed by talking to the student, giving the student a specific example, and discussing appropriate ways to communicate in class.

Disruptive student behavior is a detriment to the academic community -- both faculty and students -- because it interferes with the learning process for other students, inhibits the ability of instructors to teach most effectively, diverts university energy and resources away from the educational mission, and indicates a significant level of personal problems or distress on the part of the disruptive student.

Consultation Concerning Disruptive Behavior

The Office of the Dean of Students provides consultation concerning preventing and addressing disruptive and inappropriate behavior. Instructors may contact the office (312-996-4857) with any questions or requests concerning student behavioral issues. There are several informal and formal strategies that can be considered and discussed to determine the appropriate course of action to remedy the situation. It is possible that the matter can be resolved administratively without further direct involvement in the process by the instructor.

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Disruptive Behavior and the Student Conduct Process

When less formal interventions prove inadequate or ineffective, it is appropriate for an instructor to initiate a student conduct complaint with the Office of the Dean of Students. The instructor can write and forward a report including information identifying the student, the date and location of the incident and a summary of the incident. The incident report form can be found here.

When disruptive behavior is reported to the Office of the Dean of Students, the instructor reporting the behavior will be contacted to discuss the details of the complaint. It may be necessary to conduct a formal hearing to address the alleged misconduct. In these cases, the instructor is involved as the complainant at the hearing.

Remedies provided through the student conduct process will include various sanctions, outlined in the Student Disciplinary Policy which may include but are not limited to disciplinary probation, a behavioral contract concerning the class, anger management counseling or other educational interventions, or, in more severe cases, removal from the class (a student may not be removed from class permanently without a student conduct review).

For information on dealing with student behaviors that are distressing or potentially threatening, see Distressing / Threatening Student Behavior

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Important Phone Numbers

Office of the Dean of Students
Student Conduct

UIC Police
Emergency: (312) 355-5555
Non-emergency: (312) 996-2830

Student Counseling Center
(312) 996-3490

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